The Tragedie of the Comma (in one act)

Me: Avast friend person – fancy going to see an all male production of Twelfth Night with Stephen Fry?

Friend Person: when you say “going to see an all male production of 12th Night with Stephen Fry” do you mean Stephen Fry is in the production, or Stephen Fry is buying us tickets? I mean, either’s cool, I just want to manage my expectations accordingly

Me: Oh dear. I’m afraid I’m not inviting you to the theatre with Mr Fry. Sorry. Sorry. I just realised what a massive let down that is

Friend Person: I will console myself with seeing him on stage.

And that, right there, is why punctuation is important.

Although Friend Person should have known better. If I was going to the theatre with Stephen Fry I would be keeping him all to myself. Bwhahaha.


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