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Legend II: Rebirth

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Legend II: Rebirth is a first person role-playing game (RPG) developed by Tempest Entertainment and released on 26 November 1996. It is the sequel to Legend, the predecessor of Legend III: Ascension, and the second game in the Legend franchise, which also includes the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Heroes of Legend.


Following the fall of his home kingdom of Alarion, Prince Raziel travels with his companions Venric and Andariel across the Eastern Sea to seek aid from Andariel’s people, the elves. Unfortunately, they refuse to interfere in the affairs of lesser races. Desperate, Raziel learns of the existence of Maladreth the Betrayer, a dark Elvish sorcerer of unrivalled power, who instigated a terrible schism within the elvish people a thousand years ago.

Against the entreaties of both Andariel and Venric, he tracks down Maladreth and learns the secret of the Ritual of Torment, which he believes will give him the power to banish the demons back to the Underworld. Although Andariel disagrees with Raziel’s decision she supports him out of love while Venric–who has also fallen unrequitedly in love with Andariel–attempts to stop him.

At the climax of the game, Raziel, assisted by Andariel and Maladreth’s servant, Vilicus defeats Venric, who has allied with the honourable Orc Warlord Agrax Skullcrusher in order to prevent the Ritual of Torment from being carried. Raziel completes the Ritual of Torment but Maladreth and Vilicus have betrayed him and Raziel, Andariel and half the innocent citizens of Alarion are sucked screaming into the Underworld. The kingdom of Alarion is destroyed and becomes a twisted, haunted ruin.

Inconsistencies With Previous Game

  • In the original Legend, Raziel’s kingdom is called Sendoc but this name is applied retroactively to the entire world and the kingdom is re-named Alarion.
  • Andariel’s race in Legend is simply listed as elvish and there is no indication that there is more one than one type of elf. In Legend II she is listed as high elvish.
  • In Legend II, Venric fights with a sword. In Legend it is specified that clerics are forbidden to fight with edged weapons.
  • Raziel’s hair is a different shade of brown.


Legend II received overwhelmingly positive reviews and immediately became Tempest Entertainment’s biggest selling title. It is credited with attracting many new players to the Legend franchise and to the RPG genre. It was praised for the depth of its narrative, its lavish graphical presentation and its use of voice acting.  Writing for, That Other PC Gaming Magazine, Sebastian Detweiler gave the game a perfect ten out of ten stars, describing it as a “searing epic.” A number of fans, however, were disappointed at the direction taken by the game, feeling that the new graphical style was not in-keeping with the dark tone of the original, that combat had been simplified to appeal to a more casual audience and that the use of voice acting ruined the game’s atmosphere. Elspeth Kempe, the voice of Andariel, came in for particular criticism. Aaron Spork wrote in the fan publication Not That Other PC Gaming Magazine “She sounds nothing like an elf. She could never sound like an elf. Elves do not sound like that.”

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