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Legend III: Ascension

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Legend III: Ascension is a first person role-playing game (RPG) developed by Tempest Entertainment and released on 5 May 1998. It is the sequel to Legend II, and the third game in the Legend franchise, which also includes the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Heroes of Legend.


Finnibar Rayne, son of Torias Rayne, King of Whitepeak, is sent to do battle against orcish raiders in the north. He soon discovers that they are working for a dark cult serving the terrible World Serpent, Jorumgand, and he is told by a the wise dwarf, Grogni Ironbeard, that in order the defeat the serpent he must collect four mystical artefacts, each held by one of the different races of Sendoc. Once Finnibar has acquired the lost Sword of King Alaruc, the Python Helm of Kratos, the Shield of the Ironbeards and the Elf Cloak of Indorel, he confronts Jorumgand and drives it temporarily back into its lair beneath the earth.


The game positively received by critics and the industry press, who praised its graphics and streamlined gameplay. It was significantly less well received by fans, who were disappointed at the non-recurrence of many beloved characters and locations from the previous games, and objected to Ascension’s greater focus on action and combat over exploration and narrative. Aaron Spork, in fan publication Not That Other PC Gaming Magazine, wrote “the character of Agrax Skullcrusher in the second game clearly establishes that the orcs have a highly developed society with a complex social hierarchy and a strict code of honour. To see them reduced to little more than grunting swordfodder is frankly disgusting.”

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