Spires Connections

Glitterland_200x300 (1)Glitterland is set mainly in London, with trips to Essex and Cambridge.

Ash is an Oxford graduate and, as such, his two closest friends (Niall and Max) have a similar background.

Max’s wife-to-be, Amy, went to The Other Place (Cambridge), which is where she met Grace (from For Real), who did her Initial Teacher Training there. Amy is therefore slightly closer to Grace and her circle (including Laurie, from For Real) than Ash and his friends.

David, who Niall ineptly chats up near the end of the book, happens to be Fen’s ex boyfriend. (Fen is one of the main characters in Pansies).






This one is set entirely in Oxford.

Edwin is a book conservator who works for the Bodleian, and his ex-partner, Marius, is an artist. Edwin went to the same college as Laurie in For Real, though they were never particularly close. He is, however, better known to Jasper (from For Real) because their professional lives occasionally cross.

Marius is the protege (and some speculate, lover, though I don’t know if this is true) of Toby’s mother (from For Real).






ForReal_400x600For Real is set mainly in London, with a trip to Oxford in the middle. Laurie is a slightly different Oxford generation to Ash and his friends, but he just misses seeing Amy (from Glitterland) at Grace’s house.

You can also catch glimpses of a heartbroken, post-break up Edwin (from Waiting for the Flood), and Toby briefly crosses paths with Marius.

Incidentally, Fen (from Pansies) and David (from Glitterland) own the apartment below the one where Toby lives with his mother. Although David is currently living there with Niall.






Pansies_400x600 (1)

Pansies is set mainly in South Shields, with some sections set in London. Alfie has some tenuous connections to the Oxford set via his fancy London friends but he doesn’t directly cross any of them in this book.

Fen’s ex, David, is currently dating Niall – which Fen mentions a couple of times, not without bitterness.

There’s also a fleeting reference to a certain writer of trashy crime fiction.

Alfie works for an financial management company called JD Jarndyce (formerly Jarndyce & Dance). There’s a family photo on Jardyce’s desk, showing a purple-haired, androgynous person. This is Angel who is one of Grace’s lovers in For Real.

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