bi-erasure & me

A month or so ago, there was an extremely controversial post—which I won’t go into the details of because it has since been removed—about the possibility or otherwise of writing bisexual romance. The original post upset a lot of people because it claimed a lot of things that that, well, this is where it gets complicated as this is now me talking about something somebody else said a while ago and has done their best to unsay and probably didn’t ...

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when it crumbles

So I took a temporary break from my posts about board games to talk about other stuff. But I’m sorry to say, I’m back. And I’m still talking about board games.

Most of the games I’ve talked about recently have been quite large, lavish affairs that take a couple of hours to play (far more so in the case of Arkham Horror) and involve lots of little fiddly tokens and, in extreme cases, hexes. For a bit of a ...

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nom nom nom

So as I mentioned at the end of my recent post about Tokaido, I’ve just been nominated for a RITA. Which is nice. I’m still not 100% certain that I’ve processed it completely, or that I know how I feel or how I’m supposed to feel. And, obviously, it’s mildly embarrassing since this time last year I wrote a long and detailed post about the RITA nominations process, in which I pointed out that most award ...

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a game of competitive personal fulfilment

So, last week I wrote about Antoine Bauza’s flawed but beautiful board game, Takenoko, a game which (I’m not sure if I mentioned this) contains an adorable panda. Something I definitely mentioned is Monsieur Bauza’s slightly peculiar tendency to set all of his games in Asia.

In particular, I mentioned that he’d also released a game called Tokaido in which you play, depending on how you interpret it, pilgrims travelling a road along the coast at the height of Imperial Japan, ...

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this game has an adorable panda

So today’s post is going to be about a panda because pandas are cute. The game to which this panda-related post is appended is called Takenoko and it’s by a guy named Antoine Bauza.

Now, for what it’s worth, Antoine Bauza is actually a really good designer who’s made some really cool, interesting games. There’s Takenoko, where you look after a panda that was donated to the Emperor of Japan by the Emperor of China. There’s Hanabi, where you attempt, nominally, ...

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on problems and messes

So you might have noticed I’ve been mostly blogging about board games, and I did have a New Year’s Resolution to stay away from politicsy stuff because, honestly, I tend to find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Buuuut it’s March and there’s been so much going on that I sort of feel it’s getting to the point where ignoring it is inappropriate.

This is going to be a typically rambly post in which I muse about GFY, the “right” ...

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new board game smell

This week’s, slightly belated, blog post about board games (yes, I’m still doing this, sorry) is going to be a bit different from the other instalments in that’s a review of, or I suppose set of rambling and incoherent thoughts about, a game I bought less than week ago. So this is sort of the verbal equivalent of an unboxing video, in that it’s my very initial reactions to something very shiny and very new. If you’ve never bought a ...

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by rights the title of this post should be an abstract picture

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Today I’m going to be talking about two games that use essentially the same mechanic and I mostly want to use them as examples of quite how diverse board gaming can be.

The mechanic in question is using abstract images to communicate only slightly less abstract concepts to your friends and family. The games in question are Dixit and a game that is now available in English as Mysterium but, at the time I bought ...

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quelle horreur

So last week I wrote more than anyone could reasonably be expected to read on the subject of why Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is awesome (but also has a couple of minor problems). Today I hope to write slightly less (although probably still more than any reasonable person could be expected to read) on the subject of why Arkham Horror is … sort of really cool but also possibly no actual fun at all.

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there’s no place like holmes

Hello and welcome to the second or, if you count the introduction, third in my irregular blog series about the joys of board gaming.

My last post was, in a roundabout way, a description of why Forbidden Desert is a good substitute for the classic family board game, Monopoly. If I wanted to force a theme I might try to claim that today’s post is about a replacement for the traditional family board game Cluedo. Except it’s ...

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