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As usual I’m going to start by linking to someone else’s post and saying I mostly agree with it before going off on a random and largely unrelated tangent. The post in question is this one by E.E. Ottoman. It touches on a lot of complex issues so it’s quite difficult to summarise but broadly it’s about the difficulties inherent in the assumption that the primary audience for LGBTQ romance is heterosexual, cis-gendered women.

I do, as I observed ...

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I was chatting to a friend on Twitter this morning about Gay For You / Out For You, which is something I’ve been meaning to blog about since I saw this post on Romance Novels for Feminists. Sorry, it’s really old, but it’s a good summary of the key issues.

As with anything, I can absolutely see why GFY (both the term and the trope) bothers some people, and I can absolutely see why others are okay with it. ...

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Oh, do you see what I did there?

ShadowsAndDreams_200x300 (1)So, Shadows & Dreams, being Book 2 of the Kate Kane series, was released on Monday. Available from Riptide Publishing, the usual reputable places, and probably some disreputable ones too for all I know.

Here’s be the blurb:

Second rule in this line of business: be careful who you kill.

My name’s Kate Kane. And right now, I ...

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the jossing of m/m

I do apologise for the long run of posts all about the m/m genre.  It’s just I’m trying to process its … existence, I think, and my place in it. Or if I have one, or am meant to have one. I’ll go back to talking potatoes any day now.

This is a belated reaction to an interesting post by Kate Sherwood called “Any Lawful Impediment: Conflict in Romance (especially m/m).” Its central thesis, with which I broadly agree, is that a ...

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So non-con, huh?

I’ve been aware for a while now that a surprisingly – or perhaps not so surprisingly – large amount of m/m is non-con or dub-con. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it made up a majority of the genre, but I think I can say it ranks alongside college boys and men in uniform as one of its mainstays.

Now, before I go any further I should say two things. The first is that this post is about, well, ...

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How many roads must a man walk down?

This month’s hot topic in the blogosphere is the role of men in romance, to wit whether it is desirable for them to have one. The first thing I want to say on this topic, and it is basically the whole theme of this post, is that this is a conversation that the community has to have with itself.

Let me know when you decide.

The one specific point I did want to address was male members of the romance community engaging ...

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Axes & Allies

So it seems there’s been another kerfuffle in the blogosphere. A Facebook post, which was taken down before I could read it, prompted a broad and complicated discussion about issues ranging from the objectification of gay men to the behaviours required or not required of queer allies. It led to this post over at the Prism Book Alliance, and subsequent comments.

On one level, I very much agree with the substance of the post, which is that you don’t ...

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on content warnings & courtesy

Earlier this week I read a blog post about content warnings, and what the author refers to as the Content Police, and I saw some agreement with its arguments in the comments  (although obviously that’s something of a self-selecting sample.) The main thrust of the post is that content warnings for written fiction are insidious, infantalising and a mark of amateurism. I basically disagree with all of it, and I thought I might take a little time out ...

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I am eighteen years old. I am too tall for myself, my hair is too long, my hands too restless. I meet every gaze like I’m expecting a fight.

My accent is, to most people, impenetrable.

When I say ‘epitome’ I say epee-tomb.

I can’t tell a salad fork from a fish fork.

But I learn. Mostly.

I still say epee-tomb. It’s too ingrained, and it slips out before I can remember who I am and catch it, but now at ...

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So, um, Glitterland is a finalist for this year’s Lambdas. Which, um, is amazing. Just amazing.

And I can’t make the ceremony because New York and, also, life.

But here’s a thing I’ve done to kind of, I don’t know, celebrate in a very small way. I should also probably apologise because, err, I don’t think voice acting is the career opportunity I missed out on.

But, um, here is me reading a bit of Glitterland. Enjoy. Maybe.

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