what would captain picard do – part 5

Not only have a not quit this yet but I’ve actually got to the end of the first series. The last six episodes of season 1 can be broadly summed as Arms Dealers Are Bad, Drugs Are Bad, The Abstract Concept Of Evil Is Bad, Picard’s Love Life Is Bad, This Episode is Bad, and The Romulans, The Borg and Capitalism Are Bad.

The Arsenal of Freedom

The Enterprise arrives at a planet that was once populated by a race of arms ...

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pansies today

I never quite know what to do with book release posts because once you’ve said … I’ve got a book released today that’s kind of covered it.

But, um, I had a book released today.

It is Pansies.

You can purchase it from all the usual outlets.

Here’s the blurb:

Pansies_400x600 (1)Alfie Bell is . . . fine. He’s got a six-figure salary, a penthouse in Canary Wharf, the ...

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what would captain picard do – part 4

You know the drill by now. This is the blog series in which I re-watch old Star Trek: TNG episodes and rate them according to how bobbins they are. First up…

Too Short A Season

This episode is either quite good or super bobbins depending on which bits you focus on. The basic premise: Federation Admiral Goes To Extreme And Unwise Lengths In An Attempt To Make Up For A Terrible Mistake He Committed In His Youth is actually pretty solid. Unfortunately ...

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what would captain picard do – part 3

So I’m still doing this. This meaning my sporadic attempts to recap and vaguely review episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, rating each one by how bobbins it is.

The Big Goodbye

There’s so much that is iconically absurd about this episode. Essentially Picard has a vital diplomatic task to perform, which if he does not execute it flawlessly could lead to the destruction of the Enterprise or even plunge Starfleet into a terrible war. Like a child avoiding homework, Donald ...

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what would captain picard do – part 2

So I’m still not bored of this thing. I could do another introduction but, honestly, it’s fairly self-explanatory. This is me, continuing to talk about Star Trek: TNG episodes. And rating them by how bobbins they are. Be warned. We’re in for a bobbiny ride.


Oh man.

It probably says something that this episode achieved the second highest ratings of any other episode of the first series, though probably not something good. This is the one where the crew goes for shore ...

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what would captain picard do – part 1 (possibly of 1)

Hellooooo, long time no post. What can I say? I’m easily distracted, lazy and erratic. I do have some board game stuff to talk about but I thought I’d take a brief break from the thing I was doing as part of a brief break from whatever the thing was that I was doing before that and talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is partly because it was the 50th Anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek ...

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news ‘n’ stuff

I will likely pick up babbling about board games again imminently but here is a brief update on the state of the Hall.

Firstly, Looking for Group, my (I think adorable but then I’m biased) nerdmance will be out at the end of the month. Bit of a change of pace from For Real, since there’s absolutely no kink, and very little sex, but there are a bunch of gaming jokes. Which I think is a reasonable substitution. I will say ...

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notes and corrections

So you may have noticed that I won a RITA yesterday, or at about 4 o’clock this morning, my time. In the acceptance speech that I hastily threw together on Friday in the full expectation that nobody would ever actually need to read or hear it I said that my book would have been either the first or second LGBTQ+ novel to win a RITA and that if it was the first, this was awesome, and if it was the ...

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let’s do the T.I.M.E. warp again

So last week I wrote a long-arse blog post about T.I.M.E. Stories in which I managed to say an awful lot about the game’s context, structure and place within the wider framework of games that exist and are things, but basically nothing about how it actually works, what you actually do in it or the scenario that comes in the box.

In a way, this was probably quite board game reviewing but I actually think that the structure and ...

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another difficult post

So I’ve got a new book coming out in August. It’s called Looking For Group and, fair warning, it’s nerdy as fuck. This is probably one of those things that people overstate on the internet but nerd chic seems to have become a bit of a thing recently. And, by recently, I mean in about the past five or six years. It’s increasingly common to have nerds depicted in the media in ways that are slightly more nuanced than “these ...

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