better later than never

Well, hello 2016. And, gosh, didn’t you come around quickly? I was going to do some kind of wrap-up of 2015, like I did last year, but it sort of encapsulates something about the year just gone that I, well, didn’t. And then I was going to do a sort of resolutiony post for 2016 but I’ve kind of missed the window for that as well. Also I find resolution posts a bit depressing since nine times out of ten ...

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social media & me

The thing about any author in the 21st century (even a tiny and unregarded author) is that part of the job is maintaining a social media presence and the thing about maintaining a social media presence is that it very rapidly expands to fill whatever time is available to it. It’s sort of got to the point that I’m feeling that all of the peripheral activities that the industry tends to call “author platform” are distracting me from things like, ...

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I may not agree with what you say but i will try my best not to be a dick about it

So there’s been yet another kerfuffle in the m/m community about this post over Dirty Discourse (warning for some NSFW images attached thereto). The post was entitled ‘Gay Men Are Not Collectables’ and in it the anonymous author talks about how uncomfortable the m/m community makes him feel.

In all honesty, it’s … not that great a post. It makes a lot of quite troubling generalisations about the community and the genre, and can’t quite decide whether it’s talking ...

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ye liveliest spoookiness

So the awesome folks over in the Hassell & Hall Facebook Group have been recording themselves telling scary stories for Halloween and, since my blog is getting a bit full of passionate genre polemic, I thought I’d join in.

I’ve chosen to read HP Lovecraft’s The Outsider because it’s kind of a classic (and also it’s neither racist nor, as far as I’m aware, cough, in copyright). Also such a lot of Lovecraft-inspired stuff sneaks into my stuff that ...

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behind the curtain

So people who are watching quite a specific sub-section of our quite specific subgenre are likely to have noticed the controversy surrounding a recent blogpost by Aleksandr Voinov concerning the non-publication of his novel Nightingale and his increasingly negative feelings towards the company he co-founded.

I want to start off by saying three things. The first is that, in the spirit of full disclosure, I write for Riptide and so I do, in fact, have a horse in this race. If ...

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you must be at least this tall

Somewhat naively I’m going to start this post by saying it’s going to be quite short because my current intent is to make a couple of brief points about something that mildly irritates me. It will, of course, inevitably wind up as a long, rambling essay full of pointless digressions and spurious analogies. But I thought you might like to know that I started off with the best of intentions.

So over the weekend I read The Garçonnière. I didn’t want ...

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on censorship

So, yet again, the attention of the romance community has been drawn to book that a lot of people think is really, hugely offensive. As always, large segments of the internet have responded to people saying they are offended by something with claims that the people who are saying they are offended are somehow opposed to free speech.

This is like the opposite of that old joke about fucking for celibacy.  I sort of feel I should unpack this but I’m ...

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inclusive spaces: ur doin’ it rong

So there’s been a flood of photos on Twitter and Fb from the UK LGBTQ Fiction Meet dinner and an awful lot of them seem to include, well, naked dudes. I have several things I want to say on this subject but they all basically boil down to the title of this post.

First off, let’s be clear that I have no problem with nudity, strippers, pornography or any other form of self-expression.  I’m a grown up and I’m fully capable ...

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laws, sausages & the RITAs

So you might have noticed that there’s been some controversy recently over the  RITA nomination of Kate Breslin’s For Such a Time. For those who haven’t followed the discussion, the story is a re-telling of The Book of Esther in which, in short, a Jewish woman in Theresienstadt, falls in love with the Nazi camp commander and, ultimately, comes to accept Jesus Christ as her personal lord and saviour [eta – it’s been pointed out to me that this phrase is ...

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reviews, ratings and issues of identity

So I’ve noticed something recently that’s been troubling me. And yes, this is going to be one of those posts.

A recent trend that I am overall pleased about is an increasing diversity in queer romance. We’re seeing more stories featuring protagonist who are trans*, asexual, genderqueer or otherwise possessing queer identities that go beyond ciswhitegaydude. This is very cool and I very much feel it’s the right way for the genre to evolve. I’m starting to see publisher websites where ...

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